Dr Andrew Pfeiffer

Position:Head of School of Pastoral Theology
(Full time)

Lecturer in pastoral theology

Head of the Pastoral Department

Acting Coordinator of Vicarage

Area of service:Education Staff
Additional areas:Assistant Bishop of the LCA, Vice-chair LCA CTICR, ALC consultant to LCA SA District Aboriginal Ministry Committee
Location:ALC North Adelaide
Phone:+61 8 7120 8200
Email: ua.ude.cla@reffiefp.werdna


Who am I?

I grew up on a farm but I wanted to be a pastor from an early age and was encouraged to do so by my parents. After studying a Bachelor of Arts at Adelaide University I entered what was then Luther Seminary to study a Bachelor of Theology and prepare for pastoral ministry. I was ordained in December 1983. I am married to Sue and we have three adult children. I teach mainly in the areas of pastoral theology, missiology and catechesis. To balance life I enjoy gardening, movies and watching sport. It gives me great joy to see people grow in their understanding and practice of the Christian faith.

Special interests

  • Pastoral care of pastors
  • The place of catechesis in a Lutheran approach to mission
  • Understanding vocation
  • Integrated curriculum for pastoral preparation
  • Assisting near-neighbour Asian Lutheran churches through leadership development

I teach the following

Qualifications in detail

  • BA (University of Adelaide, 1977)
  • BTh (Luther Seminary, North Adelaide, 1983)
  • STM (Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne USA, 1991)
  • PhD (Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne USA, 2002)
  • Ordained 18 December 1983, St Peters, Moorook, SA

Papers & publications


‘The truth will set you free’, Reformation sermon based on John 8:31–36, Concordia Pulpit Resources 27/4.

‘Language matters: speaking the words of faith into daily life’, Lutheran Theological Journal 51/2 (Aug), 72–82.

‘The impact of the Lutheran Reformation on worship’, Journal of Lutheran Mission 4/2 (Aug).


‘A pastoral reflection about congregational life in the LCA’, Logia: A Journal of Lutheran Theology 23/1 (Epiphany), 23–26.

‘Christian vocation and the mission of God: a missing link?’ Lutheran Theological Journal 48/3 (Dec), 160–171.


‘Luther and the pastor at prayer’, You, My People, shall be holy: a Festschrift in Honour of John W Kleinig, Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary, St Catherines, Ontario, 205–216.


‘Strengthening the congregation for service in the community’, Lutheran Theological Journal 46/3 (Dec), 199–207.


‘Finding joy in the pastoral ministry’, Lutheran Theological Journal 44/3 (Dec), 164–170.


‘Preparing to give a defence for the Christian hope’, Lutheran Theological Journal 43/2 (Aug), 101–109.


‘Confirmation: an opportunity for faith formation’, Lutheran Theological Journal 42/1 (May), 30–40.


‘To the font and from the font: baptism and mission’, Lutheran Theological Journal 38/1 (May), 27–39.


‘A comparative study of Ephesians, Colossians and First Peter: implications for the evangelisation of adults’, Lutheran Theological Journal 34/2 (Aug), 61–72.

‘Christ and the Catechumenate’, in Mysteria Dei, (P.T. McCain and J.R. Stephenson, eds), CTS Press, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 207–224.


‘The Place of “Tentatio” in the formation of church servants’, Lutheran Theological Journal 30/3 (Dec), 111–119.


‘Facing up to myths about worship’, The Lutheran 27/12 (Sept), 5–7.


‘Being small in a big world: theological tensions faced by the small church’, Lutheran Theological Journal 27/2 (Aug), 65–72.

Presentations for seminars and conferences

In addition to many LCA and District pastors’ conferences and synodical convention presentations, the following is a selected sample of other presentations at seminars and conferences.


Four consultations for the Lutheran Church of Australia on the ordination of women.


Attendance and participation in Doxology Clergy Care Conference in San Antonio Texas.

Presentation of paper at ALITE conference, Luther@500 in Melbourne, Victoria. ‘Faith into context: Luther’s Small Catechism as a cross-cultural mission resource’.

Keynote address at ILC World Seminaries Conference, Wittenberg, Germany, ‘The impact of the Lutheran Reformation on worship’.


ALC/LCA Mission trip to Singapore and Malaysia—workshop with pastors in Kuala Lumpur on marriage and divorce.


Response to ‘The mission of Lutheranism: our mission yesterday, today and tomorrow’, International Conference on Confessional leadership in the 21st Century, Atlanta, Georgia.


Elective on Christian witness offered at Come Holy Spirit Mission Retreat, Horsham, Victoria.


Finke River Mission, Aboriginal Pastors and Evangelists in-service training, ‘Preaching workshop and workshop on Christian vocation’, Hermannsburg, NT.


ILC Seminaries Conference, ‘Theological challenges—preparing pastors to shepherd God’s people: putting the faith into practice’, Response paper, Pretoria, South Africa.


Finke River Mission Church Workers’ Seminar, ‘Scripture, catechism and the liturgy in the formation of Christian discipleship’, Alice Springs, NT.


LCA National School Pastors’ Conference, ‘ALC serving Lutheran schools’, Indooroopilly, Queensland.


LCA Parish Nurses Conference, ‘Expectations, mental health and the parish nurse’, Adelaide, SA.


Lutheran Secondary Schools Teachers’ Conference, ‘Maintaining our faith journey’, Cornerstone College, SA.


LCA Lay Workers Conference, ‘Interpersonal relationships for team ministry in the congregation’.

LC-New Zealand, ‘Incorporating new members into the body: adapting the catechumenate for our context’.


Lutheran for Life Presentation, ‘Pro-life issues as an aspect of catechesis in the mission of the LCA’.


In-Service Training for Finke River Mission with Aboriginal Pastors and Evangelists, ‘The Gospel according to Mark’.


Deaf Ministry Pastors’ Conference, ‘Pastor of the flock in the contemporary church context’.

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