Director's welcome

Dr Wendy MayerWelcome to ALITE! I am Associate Dean for Research at Australian Lutheran College. In addition I serve as Director of ALITE. My duties as Director include receiving and considering proposals for research projects, corresponding with current and potential research partners, and overseeing the progress of accepted research projects.

The major focus in 2016 was planning a major, international conference on the theology of Martin Luther held in Melbourne in early July, 2016. See 2016 Luther Conference. ALITE plans to publish the papers from the conference.

In 2016 ALITE also completed an 18-month research project on the state of the ordained pastorate in the LCA. A popular report will be available soon.

We seek to develop additional partnerships with institutions and agencies that are interested in research collaboration with ALITE. See What can ALITE do for you?  If you have in mind a research project that you think would fit ALITE's aim to engage community with leading research projects, I encourage you to contact me.


Wendy Mayer

+61 8 7120 8200