Bachelor of Theology [BTheol]

CRICOS code: 011489A (Accredited through UD)


BTheolThe Bachelor of Theology critically examines life and faith through the study of scriptures, theological traditions and historical contexts. It aims to broaden self-understanding and facilitate cultural engagement.  The Bachelor of Theology assists students to develop knowledge across broad areas of theology and depth in particular areas of interest. It develops research and communication skills, and prepares graduates for further theological study.

Course outcomes

Graduates of the Bachelor of Theology:

  • have a broad, coherent and critical knowledge of Christian theological traditions and methodologies, with focused knowledge in at least one area
  • can articulate the knowledge they have acquired to generate insights and communicate them through clear reasoned argument
  • are able to engage theological traditions and contemporary culture
  • highly developed skills in two or more disciplines within the fields of study
  • have a theologically informed basis for engagement and service in community and world.

Course structure

The Bachelor of Theology consists of 360 points comprised of:

  • 60 points in a discipline or disciplines in Field B (Biblical Studies) which must include at least 15 points in each Testament
  • 30 points in the discipline of Church History
  • 60 points in the discipline of Systematic Theology
  • 30 points in a discipline or disciplines in Field D (Theology: Mission and Ministry)
  • a further 180 points

Each course of study for the Bachelor of Theology:

  • must not include more than 180 points at level 1
  • must include at least 90 points at level 3 including 30 points at level 3 in either a discipline or disciplines in Field B (Biblical Studies) or in the discipline of Systematic Theology.

Students cross-crediting into a Bachelor of Education as part of the undergraduate Lutheran Strand program will complete the following units:

See Program for pre-service teachers: undergraduate entry

Entry requirements

For published information specific to this course, including the associated regulation, go to the Bachelor of Theology.

ALC operates with a policy of credit transfer and recognition of prior learning (RPL); see the Course Credit Policy.

Student enrolling in the pastoral program should consult with the Head of School regarding the course and sequence of study.


  • 3 years full-time
  • Up to 9 years part-time

Study modes

  • ALC offers units in a variety of study modes (also referred to as delivery modes).

Please see ALC study modes. For off campus study options see Off campus study.

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