Master of Education and Theology [MEdTheol]

(Accredited through UD)


The Master of Education and Theology enables students to apply advanced knowledge of the nexus between education and theology in professional practice contexts, such as faith-based schools, and prepares them for further learning in these disciplines.

Course outcomes

Graduates of the MEdTheol are able to: 

  • have mastery of educational and theological concepts which underpin the practice and mission of faith-based learning contexts
  • have skills to reflect critically on professional practice in faith-based learning contexts, informed by education and theological theory
  • apply insights from the dialogue between education and theology to generate and evaluate complex concepts in professional practice and further learning
  • have communication and technical research skills to investigate, interpret and justify theoretical propositions and professional decisions in faith-based learning contexts
  • apply relevant skills in the disciplines of education and theology through the execution of a substantial research-based project, capstone experience or piece of scholarship.

Course structure

Every course of study for the Master of Education and Theology must consist of 135 points.

The standard full-time duration of the Master of Education and Theology is 18 months. The Master of Education and Theology must be completed in not less than 18 months and not more than four and a half years.

Teachers with a four year undergraduate or postgraduate teaching degree will normally complete the MEdTheol as 6x15 credit point units.

Course focus and learning outcomes require an appropriate balance of education and theology. Student background in formal theological and education studies, together with Lutheran Education Australia accreditation requirements, will be considered in constructing the program of study for an individual student.

Students will be required to maintain a balance of units in education and theology, either from the ALC units available or by negotiation.

DE9016L Education and Theology in Dialogue is a compulsory unit. All students must also complete a capstone unit during the last third of their degree.

Additional units available:

  • For students considering future doctoral studies through the University of Divinity a qualifying research essay is available—12,000 words, as 2 x 15 credit point units (Semester 1: RQ971AM & Semester 2: RQ972BM). This essay also satisfies the compulsory Capstone unit requirement.
  • Students apply for up to 45 credit points for Masters level education or theology units from other institutions, normally elective units.

Entry requirements

  • Successful completion of an undergraduate degree and a teaching qualification, for a total of at least four years’ full-time study or part-time equivalent, and completion of at least two years’ of full-time teaching experience or part-time equivalent.
  • Where the first language is other than English please see the English Language Requirements Policy and Procedures.

For published information specific to this course, including the associated regulation, go to the Master of Education and Theology.

ALC operates with a policy of credit transfer and recognition of prior learning (RPL); see the Course Credit Policy.


  • 4.5 years part-time
  • 1.5 years full-time

Study modes

  • Units for the MEdTheol are offered via off campus study modes.

Please see ALC study modes. For off campus study options see Off campus study.

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