Unit code: V-CMTTHE402A


In Bible you will explore God’s word through an overview of the books of the Old and New Testaments, be given the opportunity to ask the tough questions, and share your thoughts and discoveries with others. Your journey will enable you to detect connections between the different books of the Bible, between the Old and New Testament and the implications this has for us today. Bible is offered as a small group study over eight one and a half hour sessions. Discover the amazing story of the Bible and the roles we continue to play in that story, the story of God.

Bible is also offered as a four day intensive. Students will be introduced to the nature, content and theological message of the Old and New Testament writings as well as to basic tools and approaches used in biblical studies. (Please note that both VET and higher education students may attend the intensive, and will complete appropriate assessment.)

Bible is also offered online.

VET unit of competency: CMTTHE402A Interpret theological data


Biblical Studies

Study level

  • Certificate IV



Available in 2017

  • Semester 1: Online; Group study; SA intensive
  • Semester 2: Online; Group study; Qld intensive

Extra information:

Refer to the current VET Workshop Calendar for the dates of the Bible intensives​.

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