Unit code: CT3009L


This unit reflects on the doctrinal content of the third article of the creed. Particular attention is given to the current discussion of justification and its relation to sanctification in the Lutheran tradition. The focus of attention in ecclesiology is on sacraments of the church, specifically Baptism and the Eucharist, and how these relate to the gospel. The unit reflects on the characteristically Lutheran emphasis in sacramental theology and where it differs from other traditions and why. The final topic is eschatology. Attention will be given to individual, corporate, and cosmic eschatology and the way in which they find their centre in Christ and the gospel. The unit as a whole helps the student receive the dogmatic tradition of the church in critical conversation with scripture and contemporary theology.


Systematic Theology

Study level

  • Bachelor Level 3

Alternative study level

  • Bachelor Level 2


  • At least 30 credit points in Field C—Systematic Theology (CT) is desirable



Credit points: 15

Available in 2017

  • Semester 1: Classroom-based

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