ALC is a College of the University of Divinity, an approved Higher Education Provider (HEP) under the Higher Education Support Act 2003. This means that the University of Divinity is permitted to offer FEE-HELP to eligible students. 

If you are an Australian citizen or a holder of a permanent humanitarian visa you might be eligible for assistance under the Australian Government program called FEE-HELP.

Apply for FEE-HELP

Note that you will need a tax file number (TFN) before you can apply for FEE-HELP.

  1. Read the FEE-HELP information booklet for 2017 from StudyAssist.
  2. Obtain a Request for a FEE-HELP loan form from the Office of Student Records (student.records@alc.edu.au) or your school administrator.
  3. Fill out the form according to the FEE-HELP application guide.
  4. Return the form to ALC with your application for enrolment.

What is FEE-HELP?

FEE-HELP is a Government loan scheme that assists eligible higher education students, enrolled in fee paying places, to pay their tuition fees. It applies to undergraduate study and postgraduate coursework and research study.

Students are not required to begin repaying the accumulated loan debt until their taxable income rises above the compulsory repayment threshold.

Who is eligible?
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Is there a limit on how much can be borrowed under FEE-HELP?
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When will the loan have to be repaid?
See Loan repayment for all details

Other questions?
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