Off campus study

Australian Lutheran College delivers a wide range of units through flexible study (off campus) options, seeking to provide students with an interesting and inspiring learning experience, using increasingly blended technologies.

Study modes

The off campus study modes available to ALC students are:

  • Online—students engage with the unit content in an online environment.
  • Intensive/Workshop—generally 2 to 4 day workshop sessions introducing the unit content
  • Practicum—students experience ministry environments to help them integrate their formal learning with workplace realities

Study materials

Learning resources are provided in a variety of formats, including print, digital and/or online. All materials required are provided to you before the study period starts or at workshop sessions.


We recommend that students spend about 10 hours of study per week for each unit. Off campus students require self-motivation, self-discipline and perseverance. However with sensible time-management and good study skills, study by off campus study modes can be successful and fulfilling.

Computer/Internet access

You will need regular access to a computer and the internet. Email is the main way ALC will contact you. Assignment submission is via the online Learning Management System (ARK). You will need to log on to ARK with the username and password provided.


Staff at ALC are aware of the diverse pressures students face as study commitments are juggled with work, family and social responsibilities and therefore endeavour to support students in every possible way to achieve their study goals. We encourage students to keep in contact with ALC by email or phone throughout their studies.

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