Planning your enrolment

In order to complete the outcomes of your chosen ALC course you will enrol in units to meet the requirements of the University of Divinity award regulations. Enrolment may depend on whether you’ve completed any previous studies, the scheduling and availability of units, your area of interest or whether the specific program you join stipulates the course path.

The following information may be useful as you plan your studies and prepare for your pre-enrolment interview. The interview may take the form of email discussions with your Head of School, a phone conversation or other required communication.

If you are a current student, use the course planner to keep a record of your studies and see progress towards completion of your award.

New students

Before you have the required enrolment interview look at core requirements of the award. Consider the elective options required and write down your preference. This will help the Head of School or Dean to complete an indicative study plan for your course.

Students entering the School of Pastoral Theology normally follow a set program. Consideration is given to eligible previous study. A modified program may be developed, normally on the advice from the LCA or the recommendation of the Head of School.

Undergraduate enrolment planning guides

Diploma in Theology planner

Bachelor of Ministry planner

Bachelor of Theology planner

School of Pastoral Theology

Bachelor of Ministry planner—SPT

Bachelor of Theology Planner—SPT

See also: 2018 BTheol and BMin unit enrolment structure SPT

Postgraduate enrolment planning

For coursework courses, contact staff in one of the three theological schools of ALC:

  • Programs for teaching

    School of Educational Theology Administrator:

  • General studies

    School of Theological Studies Administrator:

  • Studying to be a pastor

    School of Pastoral Theology Administrator:

For higher degree by research courses, contact the Associate Dean for Research:

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