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The Lutheran Srand for postgraduate students involves three integrated units of study which begin the journey of acquiring the content and pedagogical knowledge to teach Christian Studies and the understanding of the core culture of Lutheran schools. While these three units satisfy the requirements for a Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education, in some cases students may be able to cross-credit units into their home university teaching program. The Lutheran Strand units are available by flexible education study mode and students can therefore access them Australia wide.  For students in Adelaide or Brisbane there is benefit in attending related undergraduate workshops or classes.

The Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education units are:

A Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education will be awarded to postgraduate Lutheran Strand students who successfully complete the required study. The certificate is the equivalent of six months full-time study, however it is normally completed part-time over 12 to 18 months. Units should be taken in the order listed. Where a student wishes to enrol in two units in a single semester, due dates should be negotiated with the lecturers concerned so that the material is studied sequentially.

It is expected that Lutheran Strand students will complete their final professional experience placement in a Lutheran school and that they will teach Christian Studies during this placement.

Lutheran Strand postgraduate program FAQ

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Lutheran Education Australia accreditation requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education satisfies many of the Lutheran Education Australia (LEA) requirements for accreditation as a Christian Studies teacher. The remainder of the accreditation process generally takes place during the first year of teaching in a Lutheran school.  This will involve producing a Christian Studies portfolio and participating in the LEA spiritual pathways program.