Life as an SPT student

The journey ahead

Studying theology always brings personal spiritual growth, and this often comes with times of joy and discovery, which we are glad to celebrate with our students. There are sometimes also spiritual trials and struggles. We understand that this too can be an integral part of the journey for our students, and we offer vocational support, counsel and advice to our students, as it is needed.

  • Becoming a theological student, especially if one has not studied for some time, may be a considerable change of mindset and direction.
  • Here in the SPT we are used to providing students with the learning support that is sometimes needed. We encourage students to seek the help of lecturers to develop their study skills and methods, and our teaching staff are always available to give learning help and support on a regular basis.

Relocation and family

We realise that the decision to reorganise and relocate, especially with a family, is a big one. There are some challenges and issues to be dealt with along the way. We are open to this, and ready to talk through these things with you and help in whatever way we can.

  • Realising the special challenges of finding affordable accommodation, a limited number of two and three bedroom flats and apartments on and near our North Adelaide campus have been made available to students by the church. Rental rates are determined annually. This creates the opportunity of living in a supportive community of other students and their families.
  • While many of our SPT students and their families live in this accommodation, not all students can be accommodated on campus. Inquiries about accommodation can be made to the Business Office.
  • The need for and availability of housing is discussed with the student as part of the application and admission process.

What will be the cost?

Refer to Academic fees for information about fees for study. FEE-HELP is available to eligible students. Contact Centrelink for information about Austudy.

The Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA), through generous donations from congregations and individuals, has set up the LCA Student Fund to assist students with financial help if needed and if they meet the criteria of the fund.