The role of pastors in the church

Pastors are part of Christ’s plan for his church and he himself instituted the office of the ministry as a gift to the church. This is a distinct ministry which complements the discipleship and service of the whole church.

  • The pastors’ role in the Body of Christ is to feed and lead congregations and communities through the ministries of preaching and teaching God’s Word and administering the Sacraments—baptism and the Lord’s Supper. In fulfilling this ministry they are involved in various tasks: preaching, leading public worship, teaching, visiting and giving pastoral care.
  • They are ordained (placed into this office) according to Scripture and the practice of the apostles, and called by Christ, through his church, to serve in various ministry contexts in the Lutheran Church of Australia, including New Zealand.
  • Pastors serve in a variety of ministry contexts in the church. While the majority of pastors still serve parishes and congregations, some also work in school ministry, chaplaincy or in special roles in overseas missions. 
  • The role of pastor in Christ’s Church is a servant role. Pastors exercise humble servant leadership, representing and imitating Christ himself by placing the needs and welfare of those they serve first.
  • They are called to receive and work with the guidance and direction of the LCA College of Bishops, accepting their leadership in ministry.