School of Theological Studies

The School of Theological Studies (STS) provides study opportunities for a wide range of students, including people who wish to follow a particular vocational pathway for work in the church, and those who want to study theology for personal interest and enjoyment.

STS accepts full-time and part-time student enrolments, in vocational or higher education programs, for attendance on campus or through flexible study modes. Students can also choose a single unit enrolment, either for credit or audit. In addition, STS offers Grassroots Training and regular non-award evening classes.

Degrees and awards

Students in the STS may complete a Certificate III or IV in Christian Ministry and Theology, the one-year Diploma in Theology that may be a general or specialised program, the three-year Bachelor of Theology, or the three-year Bachelor of Ministry.

Students who meet the entrance requirements may also enrol in a Graduate Certificate in Theology, a general or specialised Graduate Diploma in Theology, or the Master of Arts (Theology).

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