Dr Erich Renner

Position:Emeritus Lecturer
Area of service:Emeritus Lecturer

BA DipEd DTh

About Erich Renner

Erich Renner was born at Horsham Base Hospital on 2 May 1922. He was the eldest son of M. T. Renner, Lutheran Pastor at Dimboola, and Bertha nee Rohde. He studied at Immanuel College from 1937 to 1938, and at Immanuel Seminary from 1939 to 1943.

He was ordained by his father on 6 February 1944 at Eudunda. He was then appointed to the Lower Murray Home Mission Field and served there from 1944 until 1948. He was called as a teacher of Scripture and Classics to Immanuel College in Walkerville in 1948, and taught there until 1954.

In 1955 he went to Germany to study Hebrew and Old Testament with a view to lecturing at Immanuel Seminary. Professor Gerhard von Rad at the University of Heidelberg supervised his doctorate on the topic, ‘A study of the word goral in the Old Testament’—the word means ‘lot’ or ‘inheritance’—and he completed this in 1958. He returned to Australia in February 1959 and started lecturing at Immanuel Seminary that year. At the amalgamation of the Concordia and Immanuel Seminaries in 1968, he was one of the founding faculty of seven, three members coming from Concordia Seminary and four from Immanuel Seminary.

He taught at Luther Seminary from 1968 to 1991. In the beginning, the subjects included Introduction to the Old Testament, OT Exegesis, OT Theology and the History of Israel. He also taught Hebrew until Pastor C. R. Priebbenow joined the faculty in 1970. Originally, the seminary course was seven years full-time, including one year of vicarage. The classes were larger than now, with 20 students to a class being common. Seminar classes were smaller. These were subjects, often non-compulsory, where a special topic, for example Wisdom, was studied for one semester.

Faculty members had many other responsibilities for the church. They taught at pastors’ retreats and conferences all over Australia. They taught Aboriginal evangelists in Central Australia for the Finke River Mission. They also taught some subjects at the Lutheran Teachers College, before it joined with the seminary. He also did a lot of lecturing at other colleges, but this was always understood to be done in his own time. He lectured for 10 years at the Adelaide College of Divinity, in Parkin-Wesley College. For study leave, he usually went to Germany to keep up with the language and scholarship there. But he often combined this with some teaching at overseas seminaries, one time for six months at Lae in Papua New Guinea and another six months at Shatin in Hong Kong.

He was on the Lutheran – Roman Catholic Dialogue from 1975 to 1991, and co-chairman with Denis Edwards in the last few years. He was also involved with the Anglican – Lutheran Dialogue for some time.

Dr Vic Pfitzner says in his tribute to Dr. Renner, that he could speak and write in five languages—English, German, Hebrew, Greek and Latin.

In 2014 the church celebrated with Erich his seventy year anniversary of ordination and the college gathered to honour him as well.

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