The mission of ALITE is to initiate, support, and promote research projects based in Lutheran theology and ethics, and to assist in their contemporary application within the Lutheran Church of Australia and beyond.

ALITE incorporates the following features:

  • a deep and demonstrated commitment to the Scriptures and Lutheran theology
  • research of theological, ecclesial, and community interest and relevance
  • service to the LCA and its activities, e.g. schools, aged care, indigenous ministries, and community care, and others.

ALITE aims to:

  • initiate and support research projects based in Lutheran theology and ethics
  • promote research activity at Australian Lutheran College
  • engage in national and international networks of scholarship
  • build a national and international profile and reputation for research excellence in theology and ethics
  • disseminate research findings widely to the Lutheran community and general public
  • hold occasional academic conferences on theological and ethical topics.

ALITE can:

  • partner with your ministry or agency for short-term or long-term research projects
  • assist in writing research proposals for your ministry or agency
  • undertake literature reviews, surveys or statistical studies as part of a research project
  • find a suitable researcher for a proposed research project.

We expect that ALITE will produce high-quality research in publicly accessible formats and participate in national and international networks of scholarship.

Relationship with the Lutheran Church of Australia

The Australian Lutheran Institute for Theology and Ethics operates under the oversight, governance, and management of Australian Lutheran College, which in turn operates on behalf of the Lutheran Church of Australia.