What can ALITE do for you?

The Australian Lutheran Institute for Theology and Ethics (ALITE) was designed not just to serve the needs of ALC, but to provide resources to serve the wider Australian Lutheran community and its ministries and institutions.

Types of research ALITE is able to do

  • Surveys
  • Qualitative studies
  • Background research for key decisions and draft documents
  • Assistance in research design
  • Postgraduate supervision
  • Action research projects
  • Performance evaluations
  • Ethics audits
  • Grant and other funding applications

Ways of funding research

Funding models:  

  • Budgeting research within existing and future programmes
  • Sharing research resources
  • Job-by-job funding
  • External funding

(Notes from the  ALITE presentation to LCA departments and ministries, 27 November 2013)