Research activities

Pastoral Ministry Project

In 2014 Australian Lutheran College (ALC) was awarded, through ALITE, a research project entitled ‘Pastoral Ministry in the Lutheran Church of Australia’. This project has been completed, and a popular report will be issued soon. The project investigated six aspects of pastoral ministry in the LCA today: the nature and tasks of ministry in the LCA; pastoral well-being; ministry with and to Lutheran schools; pastoral training and professional development; pastoral oversight and management of the role of pastors; and the call process. The expectation is that the outcomes of the research will provide the College of Bishops and other decision-makers with information about the current state of the ordained pastorate of the LCA as well as likely trends and needs in the future.

Luther Bible Project

During 2015 ALITE sponsored a project to digitise the visually stunning handcrafted and hand-coloured woodcuts from the 1551 edition of the Luther Bible owned by Löhe Memorial Library. A collection of these images has now been published by ALC, with accompanying theological commentary. Go to Luther Bible to read more about the history of the Luther Bible and to order your own copy of the ALC booklet.

A Reader on the Doctrine of Scripture

We are also currently working on publishing a reader containing key LCA documents on the doctrine of Scripture, along with important writings on the topic from past LCA theologians.