Living at ALC

ALC provides accommodation and facilities for tertiary students who need to live in Adelaide to study.

What accommodation is available?

ALC provides:

A limited number of self-contained flats are available for short term visits, especially for off-campus ALC students or parents of Residential College students:

What facilities are available?

What is living on campus like?

Those living on campus form a core part of our community. The blend of generations and interests provides a rich tapestry of on-campus living and interaction. Family participation is welcomed in campus worship life.

The ALC Residents Association coordinates use of the recreational facilities and organises events during the year.

The 'Sem wives' group and the Community Caregiver support and encourage individuals and families who are adjusting to a very different way of life.

Management, staff, and residents work together to provide a safe, comfortable environment in which each person is valued and cared for, while maintaining privacy and independence for individuals and family units.