Visiting ALC

Friends and supporters are welcome to visit ALC and learn about our community and the educational opportunities we offer.

During the year a number of public events are held such as the annual opening lecture and occasional free lectures.

Visitors are also welcome to join us in our daily worship (Monday to Friday during teaching times at 10:25 am), and to visit the library.

ALC welcomes the opportunity to host visits from individual people and groups. Such visits take place during the day and can include chapel worship, morning tea (for a cost), and a campus tour.

If you plan to visit as a group or as an individual it is always helpful if you phone (08 7120 8200 or freecall 1800 625 193) or email us ( in advance, particularly if you would like a campus tour. It would be a shame if you planned your visit during a break period when, for instance, chapel is not held or the people to conduct the tour are not present.

All visitors should first go to reception (8:30am—4:30 pm weekdays) located in the south-east wing of Hebart Hall (near the Ward Street entrance) where you will be logged in and receive a visitor's pass.

For long distance visitors on church or college related business, we also have a limited amount of casual accommodation.