Graduate Certificate in Leadership [GCL]

(Accredited through UD)


The Graduate Certificate in Leadership allows students to focus on the spirituality of organisations and to integrate spirituality, leadership and organisational transformation.  Graduates are equipped to meet the challenge of new moral imperatives facing the world.

Course outcomes

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Leadership:

  • have knowledge of how processes, structures, skills and attitudes impact on organisational development at different stages
  • have skills in reflection, research and communication required for effective engagement in organisations
  • have engaged with conscious and unconscious processes in self and other, informed by the pedagogy and dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises as applied to groups as well as to individuals
  • apply key concepts of organisational behaviour, systems thinking and spirituality to the task of leadership, including processes which facilitate healthy organisational development and transformation.

Course structure

The Graduate Certificate in Leadership consists of 72 credit points (FTE = 6 months).

Unit requirements

ALC program: Leadership in Christian Education

3 units (2 core, 1 elective)

Entry requirements

  • Successful completion of an undergraduate degree or an approved equivalent, or
  • A minimum of five years of relevant work experience or relevant professional attainment to a standard recognised by the Academic Board

Where the first language is other than English, please see the English language proficiency requirements in the Admissions Policy.

For published information specific to this course, including the associated regulation, go to the Graduate Certificate in Leadership.

ALC operates with a policy of credit transfer and recognition of prior learning (RPL); see the Credit Policy.


  • 6 months full-time
  • Not more than 2 years part-time

Study modes

  • ALC offers units in a variety of study modes (also referred to as delivery modes); please see ALC study modes. For off campus study options see Off campus study.

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