Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education [GCTRE]

(Accredited through UD)


The Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education prepares graduates to teach religious education. It provides graduates with knowledge of the disciplines, principles, practices and traditions that form the basis for religious education.

Course outcomes

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education

  • have a foundational knowledge and skills in theological disciplines of importance for teaching religious education
  • have enhanced their capabilities to engage with particular faith traditions and spirituality
  • have ability to communicate religious traditions to students by drawing critically on appropriate sources
  • apply knowledge of contemporary approaches to the learning and teaching of religious education
  • apply their knowledge to religious awareness and faith formation of students and the formation of religious identity in a school community.

Course structure

The GCTRE requires completion of 72 points over two years and the course structure differs for each College: ALC students complete three 24 point units.

Entry requirements

  • Successful completion of an undergraduate degree, or an approved equivalent.

Where the first language is other than English, please see the English language proficiency requirements in the Admissions Policy.

For published information specific to this course, including the associated regulation, go to the Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education.

ALC operates with a policy of credit transfer and recognition of prior learning (RPL); see the Credit Policy.

Completion of admission includes a conversation with a course advisor.


  • Not more than 2 years part-time
  • 1 semester full-time

Study modes

  • ALC offers units in a variety of study modes (also referred to as delivery modes).

Please see ALC study modes. For off campus study options see Off campus study.

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