Administration and Leadership in Ministry Context

Unit code: DP3025L


This is a practical unit in a supervised ministry context. The content of the unit focuses especially on developing sufficient experience in parish administration to be able to assist in pastoral leadership. The student will have opportunity to be involved in congregational structures, key committees, and supervised leadership and to work with lay leaders in developing a team approach to administration and leadership. The unit will include an introduction to the parish routine and the variety of administrative and leadership tasks expected of parish pastors and will provide opportunity to become familiar with the necessary documentation for parish record keeping.


Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies

Study level

  • Bachelor Level 3


  • Normally
    • the student needs to be in the pastoral program of the School of Pastoral Theology
    • practicum units are undertaken at the conclusion of  the 4th year of the program.



Credit points: 15

Available in 2018

  • Semester 1: Practicum

Unit updated: 27/10/2017 7:45am