Biblical Theology for Educators

Unit code: BS9020L


This unit engages students with the discipline of biblical theology, which integrates the contents and theological themes of the Old and New Testaments as the essential foundation for Christian faith, life, and ministry. It provides an opportunity for students to listen to the text in fresh ways—not just its harmonies, but also its creative dissonances. Students will be challenged and nurtured to think theologically and pastorally about these themes (and others), and to reflect critically on the claims of Christian faith regarding the contemporary world and an educational context. The unit proceeds by identifying and expounding five broad and interrelated themes: our relational God, our suffering God and the atonement, ecology, eschatology, and human sexuality.


Biblical Studies

Study level

  • Masters


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Credit points: 24

Available in 2019

  • Semester 2: Online

Unit updated: 09/01/2019 3:59pm