Unit code: CMTMIN402


Discover effective and biblical ways to share the gospel in today’s culture. Connection looks at evangelism in a modern day context. Connection is offered as a small group study over eight one and a half hour sessions, and is built on an action-reflection learning experience. In Connection you will explore God’s mission to see all creation reconciled back to him, and how Jesus embodied this and gives us the example for mission to others. Learn where you fit into God’s mission for the world through understanding the culture we live in, identifying where God is already at work, what part your story and the stories of others have to play, and how you are salt and light to the world.

VET unit of competency: CMTMIN402 Communicate theological information


Ministry (VET)

Study level

  • Certificate IV



Available in 2019

  • Semester 1: Group study; Online
  • Semester 2: Group study; Online

Unit updated: 13/02/2019 12:39pm