Gospel Studies: Matthew and Mark

Unit code: BN3001L


This unit builds on foundational skills for biblical study and familiarises students with exegetical methods in studying the Synoptic Gospels. Students engage with central issues in Gospel studies—including the history of the gospel tradition, source analysis, provenance, literary design,  and distinctive theologies—through a critical study of Matthew and Mark. Students also learn about the broader cultural and sociological contexts of gospel texts. Contemporary missional and pastoral implications will also be explored.


New Testament

Study level

  • Bachelor Level 3

Alternative study level

  • Bachelor Level 2


  • At least 18 points in New Testament and New Testament Greek A and B are desirable but not essential



Credit points: 18

Available in 2019

  • Semester 1: Classroom-based

Unit updated: 25/10/2018 8:05am