Lutheranism and Australian Christianity

Unit code: CH2006L


This unit enables students to examine and debate important aspects of the arrival, impact, current features, and character of Christianity in Australia, and within that framework to focus in particular on the history of Lutheranism in this country. In the broader context of Christian origins in Australia, the Lutheran story is a major focus in this unit, with topics such as: why Lutherans came to Australia, life and freedom in a new land, dissension and division, missions to Aboriginal peoples, beginnings in New Guinea, beginnings in other states, war-time pressures and persecution, the long path to Lutheran union, new challenges and responses in peace-time, the formation, history and development of the Lutheran Church of Australia.


Church History

Study level

  • Bachelor Level 2

Alternative study level

  • Bachelor Level 1


  • At least 18 points in Field C—Church History (CH) is desirable



Credit points: 18

Available in 2019

  • Semester 1: Classroom-based

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