Missional Leadership

Unit code: BSBFLM312


Missional Leadership explores what a missional leader is and what a missional leader does. This is achieved by investigating and evaluating

  • Core: What essential knowledge, attitudes and skills are required to be an effective missional leader?
  • Collaboration: How do missional leaders facilitate collaboration around missional purpose, roles and responsibilities and create a culture of mutual support?
  • Cohesion: How do missional leaders support cohesion for effective planning, decision making, action and reflection?
  • Communication: How do missional leaders encourage and support team communication and celebrate what God is doing through the missional community?

VET unit of competency: BSBFLM312 Contribute to team effectiveness


Applied (VET)

Study level

  • Certificate IV


​Students will require access to a ministry team in order to successfully complete this subject.



Available in 2018

  • Semester 1: Online
  • Semester 2: Online

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