Parish Ministry

Unit code: DP3003L


The unit is a pastoral theology unit which gives students an opportunity to reflect on the nature of the pastoral ministry especially as it is understood in the Lutheran Church of Australia. It focuses on the pastoral ministry involved at key times of people's lives such as birth, marriage and death, and studies the Lutheran Church of Australia's public Church Rites (for example, baptism, marriage, funeral).


Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies

Study level

  • Bachelor Level 3

Alternative study level

  • Bachelor Level 2


  • At least 36 points in Field D—Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies (DP)
  • The unit is primarily directed towards the preparation of candidates for pastoral ministry in the Lutheran Church of Australia. The unit is also available for non-ordination candidates to explore specific areas of interest with respect to the role and work of pastors in the church.



Credit points: 18

Available in 2019

  • Semester 2: Classroom-based

Unit updated: 31/10/2018 9:15am