Pastoral People at Work

Unit code: DP1035L


The purpose of this unit is to provide the student with the opportunity to engage in supervised pastoral care to others, and then to reflect with supervisor(s) and peer(s) on his/her practice of ministry. Over a 12-week semester, the unit consists of, per week, 4–5 hours of pastoral care to people in a stipulated setting (e.g. parish, hospital, etc, or combination of places) as well as 3–4 hours in reflective writing, and 2 hours in consultation with the student’s pastoral supervisor and peer(s)/mentor(s).


Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies

Study level

  • Bachelor Level 1


  • Completion of Pastoral People 1 or 2, or both, is highly desirable.
  • Recommended: Active involvement within a community or service area, where the student is able to engage in acts of pastoral care and counselling. It is also assumed that participants have grounding in the essentials of the Christian faith.



Credit points: 18

Not available in 2019

Unit updated: 01/11/2018 3:57pm