Prolegomena and the Triune God

Unit code: CT1001L


This unit first examines topics traditionally covered by prolegomena. It begins by reflecting on the nature of theology and its relation to worship and the receptive life. Attention is given to Luther’s method of oratio, meditatio, and tentatio for doing theology and connecting it with liturgical spirituality.The unit introduces theological methodology, the nature and function of Scripture, and its relation to reason, tradition, and experience. The second part of the unit examines the biblical and theological teaching of the triune God, the immanent and economic Trinity, and the problem of the new trinitarianism. There will also be discussion on the Fatherhood of God, the name of God in Feminist Theology, as well as the issues of the eternal subordination of the Son and the filioque. The unit is designed to give the student the necessary basis for further study in systematic theology.


Systematic Theology

Study level

  • Bachelor Level 1


  • Nil



Credit points: 18

Available in 2019

  • Semester 1: Classroom-based

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