The Christ-centred School

Unit code: CT8001L


This is a thematic unit drawing material from the disciplines of systematic theology, biblical studies and education. Its primary purpose is for students to come to an enhanced understanding of Christ from a biblical and theological perspective and hence be able to reflect in an informed manner on what it means when schools of the Lutheran Church of Australia claim to be 'Christ-centred' using 'the Word of God with the gospel of Christ at its heart to inform all learning and teaching, all human relationships, and all activities of the school' (LEA, 2006). Students will also consider what it means for the teacher to be part of the mission and ministry of the church through its schools. This is the second of three units designed to facilitate understanding of the core nature and practice of an authentic Lutheran school.


Systematic Theology

Study level

  • Graduate


  •  Introduction to Lutheran Education (unit may be taken simultaneously with Introduction to Lutheran Education)



Credit points: 24

Available in 2019

  • Semester 1: Online
  • Semester 2: Online

Extra information:

This unit may also be studied within another discipline in consultation with the Dean.

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