The Christian Faith

Unit code: CT1002L


The unit introduces students to the basic teachings of the Christian faith from a Lutheran theological perspective. Broadly speaking, it covers the three main articles of the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds, looking at the triune nature of God; creation, anthropology and sin; the person and work of Christ; the work of the Spirit in justification and sanctification; the church and its ministry, sacraments and worship; and eschatology. Other particular theological themes are addressed along the way: theology of the cross, law and gospel, the two kingdoms teaching, predestination and adiaphora. All this is done with reference to the contemporary context in which students do theology, especially schools and churches.


Systematic Theology

Study level

  • Bachelor Level 1


  • Nil



Credit points: 15

Available in 2018

  • Semester 1: Online; optional workshop (Qld)
  • Semester 2: Online; optional workshop (SA)

Extra information:

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