The Practice of Lutheran Education

Unit code: DE3012L


This is a practical, vocational unit, focussed on the teaching of Christian studies and leading worship in a Lutheran school. Students will explore the concepts of Christian education, Christian studies and Christian worship. Current curriculum documents are used to plan units of work reflecting understanding of purpose and good pedagogy in teaching Christian Studies. Students consider various complexities and issues surrounding school worship while developing their own school worship service order.


Education Studies

Study level

  • Bachelor Level 3


  • Exploring the Bible, The Christian Faith and Principles and Context of Lutheran Schooling or their equivalents are assumed.



Credit points: 18

Available in 2019

  • Semester 1: Online; online with associated workshop (SA & Qld)
  • Semester 2: Online

Extra information:

Workshops are offered as enhanced learning experiences for students enrolled in this unit. Dates and details of scheduled workshops are advertised in the current Higher Education Workshop Calendar published on the calendars and timetables page.

This unit may also be studied within another discipline in consultation with the Dean.

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