On campus study

We are a diverse learning community of students, teachers, and support staff, and we are excited that you are learning with us. As you settle into your on campus study program, the following will introduce you to the basics of academic life at ALC.

Class attendance

Students are expected to attend all lectures and tutorials, as set out in teaching schedules provided by the lecturer/in the ARK unit.

Students should advise the lecturer if they are unable to attend. Attendance at the first lecture is particularly important. An absence of more than 25% of lectures or tutorials in a unit is normally regarded as too great to sustain active engagement in that unit and may impact adversely on the student's learning.

ICT facilities

See ICT facilities for services available to students studying on campus.

ALC Peer Contact Officers

  • The Dean
  • The Community Caregiver
  • ALC student, appointed annually

Calendars and timetables

The semester timetables contain the schedule for classes, providing details about the day, time, location, and lecturer for each class. The academic calendar contains the dates for standard enrolment events, key study periods and holidays. See Calendars & timetables.

Standard full-time enrolment

The University of Divinity recommends a maximum of four units per semester for undergraduate students, and three units per semester for postgraduate students. Any exceptions to this requirement must be approved by the Dean.


At the University of Divinity student workload requirements are usually

  • 150 hours for standard undergraduate units (15 points or 0.125 FTE), usually expressed as 36 hours class time and 114 hours study time, or equivalent
  • 200 hours for standard postgraduate units (15 points or 0.167 FTE) ), usually expressed as 36 hours class time and 164 hours study time, or equivalent.