Access your results

ALC students may access their personal records directly through the University of Divinity student management system: Theological Academic Management System (TAMS).

UD student management system

Log in

Log in to TAMS  using your username and password provided by the Office of Student Records (

How to request enrolment summary

  • Click on the Summary tab.
  • Scroll to the Student Details section:
  • Click on the 'Email Enrolment Summary' button.

The enrolment summary will be emailed directly to the email address recorded in the student management system.

How to view your results

  • Click on the Summary tab on left hand side (if not already in the Wizard - Student Summary screen)
  • Scroll down to the Course Enrolled by Student screen:
  • Click on 'Academic Record' button to view your results
  • Click on 'View' button to view your course details

Help desk

Please contact:

Office of Student Records
Phone: +61 8 7120 8200
Freecall: 1800 625 193