Maximum learning through iLearn

Students who approach their studies in the following ways enjoy maximum benefit from their learning journey:

  • Personal skills: In the online environment, and particularly as a distance education student, it's beneficial to be an active learner. You will need to take responsibility for your own learning, motivation and self-discipline.
  • Literacy skills: Studying online is dependent on strong reading and writing skills. Much subject content will be delivered through reading, and a lot of your communication will be in written form. If you know these are not your areas of strength, seek some support and try and develop these skills.
  • Study skills: Studying online requires many of the same skills as traditional face-to-face study. Things like time management, motivation, and being clear of expectations still remain important aspects of study.
  • General computer skills: You will need at least a basic level of proficiency in computer use to successfully study online. Necessary skills include word processing, file management, saving and printing.
  • Internet skills: Being able to go to specific URLs, book-marking, saving and printing web pages will all be important skills. More advanced skills such as web searching and website evaluation would also benefit most students.
  • Collaboration: Be prepared to explore key concepts and specialised knowledge through online forum discussions with other students, and your trainers. Form an online study group or find a study buddy you can talk to on the phone or email.