2019 subject enrolment

10742NAT - Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology

Use this form if you have completed the 2019 Application for Admission form (10742NAT - Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology) and wish to enrol in subjects using a payment method other than credit or debit card.

For subject enrolment by credit or debit card please use ALC Payments. Further instuctions about using ALC Payments can be found at Vocational Education and Training enrolments.

A. Unique student identifier (USI)

B. Personal details

C. Subject enrolment

Please complete this section, referring to the guidelines in the VET Student Handbook, VET fees and the current VET calendar. Payment is required with the lodgement of this subject enrolment form, unless a payment plan has been negotiated.

Subject 1 enrolment

Subject 2 enrolment

Subject 3 enrolment

Subject 4 enrolment

Subject 5 enrolment

D. Payment of fees

N. Student declaration

Privacy legislation summary

ALC requires the information requested during the application process in order to provide students with education services and to cater for particular student needs. If all the relevant information is not provided, then ALC may not be able to provide such services. ALC may provide the personal information given on this application form to third parties (e.g. accreditation bodies, Australian Government bodies such as Centrelink) in order to provide education services or where required by Commonwealth and State regulation. Only authorised staff in these organisations will have access to this information.