Fees and costs

Grassroots Training

See Grassroots Training for the costs of current available training.

Vocational education and training

See VET Fees for current costs.

Higher education study

Tuition fees

Visit our Academic fees section to find out the fees for units and payment options as well as information about FEE-HELP and government assistance.

Under certain circumstances, fees may be refunded or FEE-HELP debts cancelled. See Tuition fee refund and remission of FEE-HELP debt for more information.

Transport costs

There may be some transport costs associated with practicum work. Check with the Dean's Office for further details and any available reimbursements.

Full-time students based in South Australia are eligible for an Adelaide Metro student travel concession card. This will be sent to you on enrolment.


You will need access to required textbooks and other learning resources for most units of study. During the academic year book sales are occasionally conducted on campus offering works from donated private libraries and excess stock from the ALC Library.

Accommodation expenses

If you need to move to Adelaide for study, some accommodation is available for ALC students. Email the Business Manager to enquire about family or shared accommodation costs.