Ways to study

In addition to full-time on-campus study, ALC offer a range of flexible options to help you balance study with other commitments.

Study load


Studying a course full-time at ALC usually involves enrolling in three or four units each semester, translating to around 30 or 40 hours overall work time per week.


If your lifestyle doesn't allow for that much study, you can choose to study part-time. This reduces your weekly study workload considerably but extends the duration of your course. See course information for the maximum time you can take to complete your course.

Study location

ALC offers both on and off campus study options.  

Course choice often determines how you will study and while some units are offered by various modes, others are scheduled for one delivery mode only. Study options include independent online study, classroom-based learning, intensive workshops and practicum units.

When enrolling, you choose the study mode for each unit from the options available to you.

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