Lutheran Strand for preservice teachers

preparing tomorrow’s teachers

ALC does not offer a full teacher education program. However, if you are studying to become a teacher, or intending to do so, ALC offers you the opportunity to complete many of the requirements to be eligible for accreditation as a teacher in a Lutheran school while you are studying at another university. This program is called the Lutheran Strand.

The Lutheran Strand is a program which helps to prepare teachers for their role in the ministry and mission of Lutheran schools. It provides a valued addition to initial teaching studies which is highly regarded by those who employ teachers in Lutheran and other Christian schools.

The Lutheran Strand consists of two required components: a study component and a practical component.

Required components

  1. Study

    The Lutheran Strand involves units of study which increase biblical and theological understanding, knowledge of the ethos and nature of Lutheran schools and capacity to teach Christian Studies. In many cases students will be able to cross-credit some or all of these units into their university degree program. Students need to contact the course co-ordinator at their home university to discuss cross-credit possibilities. Units that can be cross-credited will be eligible for FEE-HELP. The Strand units are available by on and off campus study modes and can therefore be accessed Australia wide. Students in Adelaide or Brisbane are actively encouraged to attend intensive workshops or on campus classes as these are beneficial.

  2. Professional experience

    Lutheran Strand students complete their final professional experience placement in a Lutheran school. This enables students to experience the special nature of a Lutheran school, and also to participate in the worship life of the school and the teaching of Christian Studies. Students need to negotiate this with the placement office of their university.  ALC staff can assist students to find a suitable placement if requested.

Undergraduate Lutheran Strand students who complete both the study and the professional experience at an appropriate level will be awarded an ALC Vocational Certificate. Postgraduate students will be awarded a Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education.

Enrichment activities

As well as these two requirements, students are encouraged to participate in various additional enrichment activities to prepare them for teaching in a Lutheran school:

  • students are encouraged to develop a personal commitment to worship, prayer, Bible study and reflection;
  • students are encouraged to form connections with local Lutheran school(s); work as a volunteer, attend whole school worship, visit during open days or regularly download and read their newsletter. This assists in understanding the distinctive nature of the Lutheran school;
  • students studying in Adelaide or Brisbane will be able to attend out of hours Lutheran Strand activities which provide useful insight into Lutheran schools and the people who serve in them. Students have found these sessions to be particularly valuable for their development as teachers. There are generally four such events in a calendar year. Some may be deemed compulsory.


The Board for Lutheran Education Australia (BLEA) is responsible for accrediting teachers in Lutheran schools. ALC works closely with the BLEA in order to ensure that our units contribute towards accreditation requirements.

What about previous theological study?

Students who already have done some theological study should contact the School of Educational Theology ( to discuss their circumstance.

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