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The Lutheran Strand for undergraduate students involves four semester-length bachelor level units of study. These are designed to begin the journey of gaining the content and pedagogical knowledge that is needed in order to teach Christian Studies, and understand the core nature of Lutheran schools and schooling. In some cases students will be able to cross-credit some or all of these units into their university degree program. Students need to contact the course co-ordinator at their home university to discuss. Units that can be cross-credited will be eligible for FEE-HELP. The Strand units are available by on and off campus study modes and can therefore be accessed Australia wide. Students are encouraged to enrol in intensives or Brisbane students may attend weekly classes.

The units to be undertaken for the Lutheran Strand are:

Students generally study these units in the order listed at the rate of one per year, although this can vary depending on the load at the home university. Where the home university allows students to cross-credit ALC units, there may be designated elective or general study spaces in the university program. The last unit, DE3012L The Practice of Lutheran Education, is generally taken in the final year of study, and is associated with the final professional experience placement, which takes place in a Lutheran school. All Lutheran Strand students are expected to teach Christian Studies as part of this placement.

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Lutheran Education Australia accreditation requirements

Students who complete both the study and professional placement components at an appropriate level and who are eligible for registration as a teacher will be awarded an ALC vocational certificate in recognition of their participation in the Lutheran Strand program. This can be used to satisfy most of the Lutheran Education Australia (LEA) requirements for accreditation as a Christian Studies teacher. The remainder of the accreditation process generally takes place during the first year of teaching in a Lutheran school. This will involve producing a Christian Studies portfolio and participating in the LEA spiritual pathways program.

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