Entry into the SPT program

We invite all people who are thinking of applying to explore the possibilities and ask questions. Even if you do not exactly fit the criteria below, it is worth inquiring to find out whether you may still be accommodated within the SPT program.

So, you are ready to apply

  • If you have decided to apply, please try to have your application in by November 30 of the year prior. Beyond that date applications will be received at the discretion of the head of school.
  • The application process for entry into the SPT is a process with several steps moving towards an intake interview and the details of it are not all given here. For the application form and further information about the process, contact spt@alc.edu.au.

The academic requirement

  • Normally the completion of a secondary schooling certificate to a standard required for admission to tertiary studies in the State in which the studies were completed is required for admission to the SPT. In special cases, the teaching staff and the head of school consider prior learning and work and life experience. (See: Thinking of study: special entry)
  • While there is no upper age limit, the head of school is required to consult with the LCA College of Bishops when a prospective candidate is over forty years of age. In some such cases a specialised course is developed.

When we receive your application     

  • Once your application has been received and processed we will advise you of the outcome. If your application is successful you are invited to join the program for preparation for ordination which includes periodic review. If your application is not successful you may appeal to the Dean and/or your District Bishop.

Ordination in the LCA

  • SPT is entrusted with the task of preparing candidates for the pastoral ministry. It is the LCA who is responsible for, and oversees, the ordination process.
  • Ordination to the pastoral ministry of the LCA is dependent upon the offer of a call to service from the church. The church cannot guarantee that all students completing the vocational program for pastoral ministry will automatically receive a call to service and be ordained for ministry, although every effort is made to open up opportunities for service for all pastoral ministry graduates.
  • In accord with the teaching and policy of the Lutheran Church of Australia that men only can be called and ordained as pastors, the applicants to the SPT need to be male.