In 2010 the Löhe Memorial Library celebrated fifty years in the service of theological education for the Lutheran Church of Australia

Erected in 1882 as part of Whinham College, the current building was dedicated as the Löhe Memorial Library on 2 October 1960 and named in memory of Johannes Paul Löhe, former principal of Immanuel Theological Seminary. Amalgamation with Concordia Seminary in 1967 led to Löhe Memorial Library becoming the library of the newly formed Luther Seminary.

The development of the library owes much to a group of dedicated people associated with the seminary, none more than the first full-time professional Librarian, installed in February 1980, Rev Trevor Zweck. He set up a circulation system for the collection of 35,000 volumes, and went on to automate the library. He took a leading role in the Association of theological libraries in Australia and New Zealand, which ended only with his death on 13 September 1996.

When Lutheran Teachers College moved onto Luther Campus at the beginning of 1990, its collection was also moved into the Löhe Memorial Library. At the beginning of 1998 Luther Campus reverted to being called Luther Seminary. The Seminary was renamed Australian Lutheran College at the beginning of 2004.  The collections of the library now number over 100,000 items.

In 2010 The Australian Lutheran College became a Recognized Teaching Institution of the Melbourne College of Divinity and the library is embracing new possibilities of cooperation with the other libraries of the new MCD University of Divinity.

A more detailed history can be found in the Jubilee article written for the 50th aniversary.