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Changes to membership of ALC Board of Directors
14 June 2013

Rev Neville Otto, Secretary of the LCA, attended to the formalities of constituting the new Australian Lutheran College (ALC) Board of Directors at the Board's recent plenum held on 14 June 2013.

The newly appointed Board consists of the following members:

Rev David Gogoll
Ms Sue Kloeden
Rev Stephen Schultz
Mr Volker Lange
Mr David Dreckow
Rev Robert Paech
Ms Libby Reu
Mr Nathan Klinge
Mr Brian Mills
Rev John Henderson (Bishop)

This Board will take over from the retiring Board as of 22 July 2013.

The ALC community, extends its sincere thanks to those Directors who are retiring and in doing so, acknowledges the valuable contribution of Rev Dr Mike Semmler, Dr Roger Hunter, Rev Chris Bartholomaeus, Ms Kim Kernich, Mr David Nivala and Mr Michael Proeve.