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Bush Course
6 August 2014

Every year, teaching staff from ALC make the trip to central Australia to lead what has become known as “the bush course”. This is designed to assist Aboriginal pastors and church workers in their theological development and pastoral work; it’s also an expression of the LCA’s partnership in mission and ministry.

Dean of Chapel, Rev Linards Jansons reflects on his recent experience below.

This time, it was my turn to head north. Initially, we were going to camp at Kuprilya Springs, about 8km out of Hermannsburg, but the 3-4 inches of rain that began hours after arrival meant that sessions had to be held inside the Hermannsburg church. As it turned out, this was not a bad thing, as my topic was the liturgy of the church. Using the Holy Communion orders of the various language groups, we went through the liturgy section by section, always focussing on the theme of worship as God and Jesus’ way of serving us, and forming us into servants of one another. We also spent a session discussing the funeral liturgy.

While numbers were down a bit due to the weather, we had about 20 indigenous pastors and church workers in attendance. These were predominantly from the Pitjantjatjara and Pintupi/Luritja speaking areas. In attendance also were Pastors Rob Borgas, David Kuss, and Paul Traeger (chief translator), as well as linguist David Strickland.  As this was not only my first bush course, but also my first visit to the red (green, actually) centre, I feel that I’m the one that came away with more than I gave.