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Reflections of our returning Vicars
7 August 2014

In December 2013, five enthusiastic pastoral ministry students headed off on their vicarage journey. Six months later, having returned to our community to complete the final leg of their studies, they reflect on their vicarage experience.


Vicarage for me was a time of growing and gaining confidence. It was a time where I was exposed to the various aspects of Pastoral ministry that St Michael’s had to offer. During this time I was able to test and extend myself in the areas of preaching, teaching and visiting, as well as catch a glimpse of what school ministry may look like. It was a busy and challenging time, but very rewarding. Vicarage was a time when my sense of call was strengthened, as I gained more confidence. I believe that it certainly has equipped me for what lies ahead.

Nicholas Kitchen
St Michael’s, Hahndorf


I have heard it said that 'God gives you the vicarage you need.'  If that is true then apparently what I needed was to have an understanding and supportive supervisor in Pastor Fraser, who was happy to encourage and stretch me both professionally and personally as I continued in testing my call to be a pastor.  I had the chance to do this through many opportunities at Bethlehem in assisting during worship and preaching, leading Bible study and visiting and praying with God's people there.  

It was wonderful to be part of this ministry and to see God work through his given means, feeding, sustaining and transforming people's lives for his glory and our good.  I thank God for a great vicarage, the one I needed.

Jason Pokela
Bethlehem, Adelaide


Vicarage for me was a real affirmation of the decision to prepare to be a pastor of the LCA. I was blessed to have a vicar father who challenged me in finding the good news in scripture and how this relates to our lives. My vicarage was at St Paul Blair Athol under Pastor Eugene Minge. A rewarding experience in personal growth and confidence. Thanks Pastor Eugene and people of St Paul.

Graham Pfeffer
St Paul, Enfield


I was thankful for the opportunity to undertake my Vicarage placement within the Glynde congregation under the guidance of Pastor Wayne Boehm. Vicarage enabled me to integrate my learning and pastoral practice in the congregational setting. It was in this setting that I was able to learn many new things that have continued to equip me further for pastoral ministry. The highlight of this 6 month experience was sharing God’s word and witnessing how God touches people’s lives through this word and through gathering around the table to celebrate the gift of the Lord's Supper. Clearly, the Lord has a plan for us all – Vicarage affirmed the plan I believe he has for me.

Mark Gierus
Zion, Glynde


Vicarage at Our Saviour Semaphore and the wider Port Adelaide/ Woodville district has been a wonderfully affirming opportunity of my sense of call to the pastoral ministry. To share with God’s people their struggles and joys and their desire to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others in servant hood has truly inspired me. My family and I were made to feel very welcome and we certainly enjoyed our time there. We hope to continue to worship with them as much as we’re able! I pray every blessing for all at Woodville West, Albert Park and Semaphore as they engage in their newly formed parish.

Tony Castle
Our Saviour, Semaphore