Academic year begins for the College
27 February 2018

Principal James Winderlich presents the 2018 Opening Lecture.

Staff, students and members of the wider church community attended events at Australian Lutheran College (ALC) on 26 February to mark the commencement of the new academic year. Dean of Chapel, Dr Stephen Pietsch, led the opening service in the college chapel at 9am, preaching on Romans 4:16-22. Singing was aptly accompanied by Mr Andrew Ampt on the pipe organ.

Following worship, attendees moved on to the refectory for the opening lecture for 2018. The lecture titled,The shape of things to come for a church who learns: ALC’s renewing purpose to serve as an enquirer centred, transformational learning community, was presented by ALC Principal, Pastor James Winderlich. His presentation aligned the College’s ongoing and vital service to the Lutheran Church of Australia, with the Church’s own commitment to lifelong learning.

Pastor Winderlich explained that the challenge to increase the College’s income through growing enrolments is dependent upon two major factors. Firstly upon the Church’s capacity to identify, value and express itself as a constantly refreshed learner. Secondly, upon the quality of the relationships that ALC shares with stakeholder groups, mainly from within the Church. Engaging deeply with these groups is a priority.

The ALC Board’s statement of Strategic Direction 2017-2022 is the driving force behind a new era for the College. This year, ALC has entered a period of transition and restructuring which is constantly supported and advanced by strong evidence. It is committed to not only improving the educational experience for learners, but also providing a ‘whole of life’ approach to learning that shapes and transforms the learner in ways that align with the Church’s current and future needs.

[A recording of the lecture is available here.]