Opening of new academic year
6 February 2019

ALC's new academic year will commence with worship at 9am in the college chapel on Monday, 25 February. This will be followed by the Opening Lecture entitled Learning, Formation, and Community: Challenges Facing a Distributed Model of Theological Education, which will be presented by Rev Dr Stephen Haar (Dean and Senior Lecturer).

Distributed Learning represents a shift from an instructional model to a learning model. On first consideration this model appears to challenge longstanding beliefs about the nature of education and educational processes. Yet, rather than being rejective of traditional models, distributed learning is receptive, responsive, and restorative: receptive to research about how people learn; responsive to the changing profile of students and the diverse needs of the church; and, it is restorative of a more holistic approach to church worker education and training.

Proceedings at the lecture will include the presentation of a new ALC award, the Service to Theological Education Award.

For all enquiries or to notify of your attendance, please phone Alice on (08) 7120 8212 or email: For those unable to attend, the lecture will be recorded and the recording made available via the ALC website.