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LTJ in 2015
11 May 2015

As the Luther Decade draws closer to its culmination in 2017, the ALC faculty journal, Lutheran Theological Journal (LTJ), is pleased to devote two editions this year to the theme of ‘Luther and the Bible’. At their invitation, the editors have been delighted to receive enough material for two issues, largely from Lutheran scholars of international renown. The May issue is ready to go.

In this issue, Robert Kolb, co-editor of the 2000 edition of the Book of Concord, writes on Luther’s understanding of God’s presence in the scriptures. Kathryn Kleinhans, religion professor at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa, speaks of God’s true purpose in authoring and authorising the scriptures. James Nestingen, emeritus history professor of Luther Seminary in St Paul, Minnesota, says why it wouldn’t be appropriate to adjust Luther’s Small Catechism to include the second commandment as recorded in Exodus and Deuteronomy (you shall not make for yourself a graven image), despite the proliferation of soul-destroying idols in the 21st century. And Alice Springs linguist and Bible translator, David Moore, draws a straight line between the linguistic fieldwork that Luther undertook before translating the Bible into vernacular German and the concern of the early Lutheran missionaries of Central Australia to develop the highest level of linguistic expertise and anthropological know-how before translating the Bible into the indigenous languages.

The August issue will continue the theme of Luther and the Bible with articles by John Maxfield, religious studies professor at Concordia University College, Edmonton, Alberta, and Adelaide’s own Maurice Schild, Linards Jansons, Trevor Schaefer and Stephen Hultgren.

In order to ensure that LTJ’s publication and distribution costs continue to be covered, subscriptions have been raised this year to $39. Now is the ideal time to subscribe to LTJ. For more information simply email:

Peter F Lockwood