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Latest issue of Lutheran Theological Journal - tribute to ALC Emerita Ruth Zimmermann
19 May 2017

The latest issue of Lutheran Theological Journal (LTJ) honours the contribution of Ruth Zimmermann to learning and teaching at ALC and contains articles of value to all educators throughout the Lutheran Church of Australia. Whether you are a school principal, a teacher, a chaplain, a pastor, or engaged in teaching Sunday School or confirmation, there is an article in here that will speak to you about opening up conversations with children, adults and adolescents.

The article by Geoff Butler, in which he (and his wife, Ruth) reflect on forty years of teaching in Lutheran schools, is particularly rich and challenging. Its personal stories and reflections movingly illustrate the insights that they offer. Ruth Zimmermann herself opens up the idea of learning conversations, which Stephen Haar uses to reflect on the changes to and challenges faced by theological education. Katherine Bensted shares the insights from her doctoral research on science education and faith in secondary schools, and Andrew Jaensch and Merryn Ruwoldt unwrap for us the gift of Lutheran theology in the school setting.

If you’ve been wondering about Stephen Pietsch’s book on Luther, depression, and pastoral counselling, Neal Nuske walks us through its insights in his review, while Stephen Pietsch offers a review of a recent book on preaching.

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